About Us


Our Preschool offers:- 

  • Fantastic outdoor learning at Forest School.

  • Multi-sports and Yoga.

  • Our kind, attentive staff encourage all children with reading & writing.

  • We do resilience building and we have an online system, so that you see what your child is doing at Preschool.

  • We also offer 30 hours free funding a week (term time only – if you are eligible).

  • At present, we are open all day on a Monday, to Friday (term time only), to cater for all the families who wish to use it. We also offer a Breakfast Club.  


Meet Our Staff

Clare photo.JPG

Claire Gwilliam

Hi, my name is Claire Gwilliam, I am the Preschool Supervisor. 

I enjoy Forest Schooling and Outdoor Play. I have completed my Level 3 Diploma in Child Care and hope to keep progressing with my qualifications. I am also the setting Special Educational Needs



Sally photo.JPG

Sally Miller (currently on maternity leave)

Hello, I am Sally Miller and I am the Preschool Deputy Supervisor. I started at the Preschool in November 2017. My daughter attended here and I'm very happy to be part of the lovely team.

Emma photo.JPG

Emma McCrudden

Hello, I am Emma McCrudden. 

I specialise in Information, Communication and Technology and Community Friendly Spaces (a new initiative to encourage children’s communication skills). I enjoy my job very much and I love to see the children learn and develop and see them become fully confident and happy.

Adele (3).jpg

Adele Chumbley

Hello, I am Adele Chumbley and I joined the preschool back in June 2021.  I have completed my level 3 childcare & early years education and have recently completed my level 3 SENCO qualification.  


Bethany Pilkington (Acting DM)

Hi I’m Bethany, I was very lucky to start my career in Early Years with Worstead Preschool as work experience. Since then I have completed my childcare level 3 which has led to my lovely job here. 


Emma Annison

I’m Emma. I started at the Preschool in February 2022. I am currently going through my Forest School training, which I’m very excited about. I have a real passion for nature and exploring our surroundings.

My daughter attends the Preschool and is having many wonderful experiences there. It’s amazing to see who much her development has been extended by attending the Preschool.


Karen Norfolk

Hello, I am the Preschool Administrator. I joined the team in September 2021.  I am an experienced administrator and enjoy working with the team and Committee Members.

Pastoral Care

We were one of the first pre-schools in Norfolk to use a key-person approach to settle and care for the children that attend. The key-person approach has been in use here for over fifteen years. It has now been adopted by nearly all settings as recognised best practice. When each child begins Preschool the staff see which adult he/she ‘warms to’, where possible this will be the child’s key-person. The key-person is specifically responsible for, and close to, a small group of children so each child receives plenty of adult time and attention.

The key-person plans, implements, monitors, evaluates and reviews the children’s time at Preschool. A ‘Learning Story’ is created for each child, which is the family’s when the child leaves Preschool. The journal includes photographs, notes, observations and ‘next steps’ in learning, which most parents keep forever as a keepsake. Staff actively encourage parents to contribute to their child’s Learning story, to give a full picture of the child’s interests, needs and progress.